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November 10 2011

Patrick Wolf–Armistice
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October 31 2011

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Patrick Wolf–I Just Wasn't Made For These Times (The Beach Boys cover)
I've been trying hard to find the people That I won't leave behind
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August 19 2011

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August 13 2011

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July 28 2011

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‪i can do this alone, but we can do this so much better together i can make it alone, but we can make it so much better together
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July 27 2011

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‪Patrick Wolf–Time Of My Life (Live at The Pool Studios, 2011)
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June 28 2011

Too proud for help, too scared to grow / Out of my depth and out of control
I long to be carried on / This once be lifted strong / Out of the loneliness / And the emptiness / Of the days
When the night is long / Trust all the years you'll wait to find / This man who's loved you your whole life / So come closer / Closer to where we belong
I showed you my ugly heart / Yet you did not surrender / Love me back to life
And in our first dance / The last thought: By chance / God had matched my soul
And I can do this alone / But we can do this so much better / Together / And I can make it alone / But we can make it so much better / Together
You come near / I see my future clear / And the threshold appears / And I am carrying you over / carrying me over / Into the best days of the rest of our lives
What brings you joy, will take your tears / You've been holding back too many years / But you were down and out of luck / Now side by side, we're looking up / Finally.
— Patrick Wolf–Lupercalia
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June 24 2011


07-Nov - La Maroquinerie Paris France - ON SALE 18th June
08-Nov - Ubel & Gefaehrlich Hamburg Germany - ON SALE 18th June
10-Nov - Vega Copenhagen Denmark - ON SALE 20th June
11-Nov - Debaser Stockholm Sweden - ON SALE 6th July
12-Nov - Parkteatret Oslo Norway - ON SALE 20th June
14-Nov - Astra Berlin Germany - ON SALE 18th June
15-Nov - Firlej Wroclaw Poland - ON SALE 18th June
16-Nov - Stodola Warsaw Poland - ON SALE 18th June

18-Nov - UT Connewitz Leipzig Germany - ON SALE 18th June
22-Nov - Frieheiz Munich Germany - ON SALE 18th June
23-Nov - Karlstorbahnhof (Pret a ecouter festival) Heidelberg Germany - ON SALE 18th June
24-Nov - Salzhaus Winterthur Switzerland - ON SALE 18th June
26-Nov - Dachstock - Reitschule Bern Switzerland - ON SALE 18th June
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May 23 2011

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Patrick Wolf–House
And I love that here you live with me Gives me the greatest peace I've ever known Cause I've been too long a lonely man Yes I've been too long a rolling stone
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May 12 2011

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the third single from the upcoming Patrick's album

April 25 2011

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April 18 2011

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Patrick Wolf & Florence Welch 

April 11 2011

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April 10 2011

April 08 2011

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first time in PL. i didn't make it, unfortunately.
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